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Verma Gases (India) Pvt. Ltd. Om Sai Enterprises Uma Transport


Uses of Ammonia

Anhydrous ammonia has a wide range of industrial applications, which are as:-
For manufacturing of nitrogen fertilizers. More then 82% of ammonia is used in fertilizer production.
  For removing nitrogen oxides from flue gases.
For manufacturing explosives.
For manufacture dyes and industrial fibers.
  As a chemical reagent. e.g. for form amines and ammonium compounds.
To nitride special steels.
For heat treatment for auto components.
For preventing flueduct, economizer and air heater corrosion in oil refineries.
As a refrigerant.
To prevent acid smut emission from oil fired boilers.
In process of enzymes.
As a preservative in rubber latex.
Used in stack emission control systems to neutralize sulfur oxides from combustion of sulfur containing fuels, as a method of DeNOx control in both catalytic and non catalytic applications and to enhance the efficiency of electrostatic precipitators for particulate control.
In pulp and paper industry.
In food and beverage industry.
In leather processing industry.
For controling pH level in pharmacutical industry.
  Use as a fuel for Ammonia cracking plant, to extract hydrogen.
For waste water treatment.
  To neutralize acid effluents.


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